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QUARTER. A measure of length, equal to four inches. Vide Measure.

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With new resources as the result of being acquired, the growth path for SAC is expected to continue, as it obtains QS 9000 this winter ("Being Q-1 certified, we're 75% of the way there," said Irby.) and takes on more value-added responsibility.
In the initial quest for Q-1 status, Fremont's new owners redesigned the factory, upgraded existing equipment, bought five new blow molders (at $500,000 each) and expanded to 90,000 sq ft of space with 140 employees, up from 19,000 sq ft and 35 employees.
Most urgently, Ford Motor Co has told its Q-1 suppliers that they must complete a self-assessment, and have a compliance plan in place by June 1995.