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There was a significant positive correlation between SD and QTc dispersion (r: 0.
By looking the relationship of GV and the increase of QT duration and QTc dispersion, we can get information about the effect of GV on malignant ventricular arrhythmias.
The QTc dispersion (QTcd) duration according to heart rate was identified with the Bazett formula; QTcd (ms) = QTd measured/VRR.
QTc dispersion (QTc max-QTc min) was also calculated.
We found no correlation between duration time at bath and QTc dispersion (r=-0.
Results: Hemodialysis patients had significantly greater QTc dispersion compared to that of control subjects (61.
Conclusion: Although hemodialysis patients have greater QTc dispersion than control subjects, their levels of iron stores as reflected by TSAT and ferritin levels, does not correlate with the degree of QT dispersion.
024) and QTc dispersion (from 66 [+ or -] 18 ms to 52[+ or -]25 ms, p=0.
The degree of QTc dispersion reduction is associated with amount of weight loss.
Although we do not know enough its cardiovascular and pro-arrhythmic effects yet, in order to investigate the relationship between weight loss and QTc dispersion in obese subjects, it would be better to exclude the patients receiving orlistat.