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Linear regression analysis was used to determine the relationship of QTc dispersion with the markers of iron levels in the HD group.
Although the mean QT interval was not significantly different between HD patients and control subjects, HD patients had a significantly longer QTc dispersion (62 [+ or -] 23 ms vs.
For HD patients, correlation was low between QTc dispersion and hemoglobin level, electrolyte levels, mean arterial pressure, and duration of HD treatment (Table 4).
However, we could not find any significant relationship between QTc dispersion values and TSAT and serum ferritin levels in our hemodialysis patients.
To date, only one study has been published regarding the association of iron status with QTc dispersion in ESRD patients.
The decrease in level of QTc dispersion was more prominent in Group 2 than in Group 1 after weight loss program, though it was not statistically significant (19[+ or -]23 ms vs 3[+ or -]26 ms, p>0.
The main findings of this study are that (1) substantial weight loss in obese subjects is associated significantly with the decrease in QTc dispersion and (2) decrease in value of QTc dispersion is significantly correlated with the amount of weight loss.
Increased heterogeneity of ventricular repolarization favors the development of malignant ventricular arrhythmias, and increased QTc dispersion may reflect this inhomogeneity.
In addition, improvement of autonomic imbalance (decreased sympathetic activity) (27), decrease of hyperinsulinemia (28) and improvement in relative subendocardial ischemia (29) after weight loss in obese subjects may contribute to decrease in the level of QTc dispersion.