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The pancake-seller in The Quack Doctor reappears in a pair of matched pictures, now separated.
On this occasion, AAC Imran Khan expressed severe anguish over the matter and after arresting the quack doctors also sealed his clinic.
There will be a flea circus, a quack doctor with his home-made remedies, market stalls and trinket sellers peddling their wares.
They initially thought she was having health problems and brought her to a quack doctor.
The whole thing is like a travelling quack doctor set-up, a light-hearted idea," she explains.
The fair will feature a quack doctor, a Punch & Judy show, a Georgian travelling swing boat and craftspeople at work, including a corn dolly maker and silhouette cutter.
They usually follow a theme of death and resurrection in which a character is "killed" in battle and then brought back to life by a quack doctor.
Or it is until quack doctor Andrew Lansley ruins care by imposing voodoo Cameronomics.
In the role of the quack doctor, Brendan Wheatley - who is also joint artistic director of the company - cut a splendid figure and sang and acted immaculately.
It focuses on yodeler Jimmie Rodgers - who, despite virtually defining a sound for the genre, suffered the ignominy of having his name misspelled in his New York Times obituary - and the Carter Family, whose radio shows were sponsored by a quack doctor who peddled goats' glands to cure impotence.
The elixir of the opera's title is a potion that the hapless Nemorino buys from a quack doctor in his bid to win the heart of a wealthy lady.