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The subject of some of these representations owned by Sylvius, a large finely-painted Quack Doctor by Gerard Dou and a smaller coarser one byAdriaen Brouwer, also tell us something about the sense of humor of this celebrated physician.
Black comic relief is provided when a quack doctor gives the men a mechanical examination and prescribes a useless medication.
Perhaps symbolically, a lifeless tree stands in the foreground of Dou's largest picture, The Quack Doctor, lent by the Rotterdam Museum.
which held that a quack doctor who met with patients in his home office could sue journalists who secretly photographed and recorded his examination of one of them.
The Old Style American Fair features the Quack doctor, the magician and the strongman.
The whole thing is like a travelling quack doctor set-up, a light-hearted idea," she explains.
The fair will feature a quack doctor, a Punch & Judy show, a Georgian travelling swing boat and craftspeople at work, including a corn dolly maker and silhouette cutter.
They usually follow a theme of death and resurrection in which a character is "killed" in battle and then brought back to life by a quack doctor.
Or it is until quack doctor Andrew Lansley ruins care by imposing voodoo Cameronomics.
The elixir of the opera's title is a potion that the hapless Nemorino buys from a quack doctor in his bid to win the heart of a wealthy lady.
Francis Tumblety - US quack doctor Joseph Barnett - boyfriend of victim.