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The most appealing personality was the quack medicine peddler Dulcamara, simply because he's larger than life.
He presents chapters on anatomy, physical diagnostics, bleeding, general surgery, trauma surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, urology, ophthalmology and otolaryngology, medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, and quack medicine.
That is quack medicine, which will only make the patient suffer more and die sooner.
The exposure of quack medicine with the BMA campaign in 1909 resulted in many proprietors moderating the often exaggerated claims once attributed to their cures while increased scrutiny ultimately caused the demise of many patent medicines and several proprietors were actually prosecuted for fraudulent statements.
The NHK program is an example of how rapid adoption of embryonic stem cell findings will invite pseudoscience and quack medicine, and inflame the debate on life, the cost of life, and the right to life.
Apart from those who subscribe to quack medicine and advice from laymen, the medics found that learning a bit about our ailments took away the fear factor and made us less likely to change unhealthy behaviour.
Meanwhile his abandoned wife falls under the spell of a smooth-talking quack medicine salesman.