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QUADRANS, civil law. The fourth part of the whole. Hence the heir exquadrante; that is to say, the fourth-part of the whole.

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For, as we know, any Jew--whatever his station in society--who would deliver another Jew to the Romans for execution would be considered a traitor, and his life would not be worth a sestertius, not even a quadrans.
The meteor shower is named for the outdated Quadrans constellation, which is no longer recognized by astronomers, according to NASA officials.
The Quadrantid radiant (RA 15h 28m, Dec +50[degrees]) actually lies in northern Bootes (in a region occupied by the now defunct constellation of Quadrans Muralis), and from the latitude of the British Isles it is circumpolar.
For these colleagues I have published summaries of the discoveries outlined in Instruments of Mass Calculation (see note 6), XIIa and XIIb, separately in "A Vetustissimus Arabic Treatise on the Quadrans Vetus" in Journal for the History of Astronomy 33 (2002): 237-55, and "14th-Century England or 9th-Century Baghdad?
They're an "above average" meteor shower, producing up to 120, 41km per second meteors an hour, and originating from a former constellation called Quadrans Muralis.
com explains that Quadrantids meteor shower is named after a constellation named Quadrans Muralis or the Wall Quadrant.
First observed in 1825, the Quadrantid meteor shower was named after the constellation of Quadrans Muralis.