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QUAERE, practice. A word frequently used to denote that an inquiry ought to be made of a doubtful thing. 2 Lill. Ab. 406.

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Pinell recoge todas las variaciones: <<El Manuale editado por Dom Ferotin contiene siete misas de cotidiano; el Missale mixtum, ocho despues de Epifania y siete despues de Pentecostes; el Misticus de Silos, Archivo 6, contiene el oficio para diez domingos; el de Toledo 35,4 veinte oficios y misas dominicales, pero a los tres ultimos domingos les faltan los textos eucologicos de la misa; una rubrica en el domingo 17 indica: quaere superius.
Quaere whether construing this application of the doctrine of equivalents, which was adopted by Congress in 1952, would effectively trump the Supreme Court's ruling in Festo Corp.
Aeneid, Book VI, line 614: Ne quaere doceri--quam poenam.
Linque tuas sedes alienaque litora quaere, (o) iuvenis: maior rerum tibi nascitur ordo.
8) The same contrast of context and terminology occurs when Ovid begins the last poem of his collection with an address to Venus: quaere novum vatem, tenerorum mater Amorum ("Seek a new vates, mother of sweet loves," 3.
4) Although this provision was intended to take care of the desperate situations which have arisen in the coal mining districts of the southern part of the State, it seems sufficiently broad to cover other types of investigations as well, but quaere as to whether or not it does, and particularly so in view of the action or rather the absence of any action taken upon a proposed amendment introduced at the last regular session of the legislature which would have conferred general police investigative powers upon the Bureau.
the Massachusetts statue, note 121 supra, and quaere if by some osmosis it affected the curious opinion of the First Circuit Court of Appeals in Pro-Pry-Lac-Tic Brush Co.
alii syllabas aucupentur et litteras, tu quaere sententias" (Bac I, p.
1; Saltmarsh, A new quaere (London, 1646); Dawnings of light, p.
Quaere whether Judge Morris, having been repeatedly promoted to Justice by both counsel and members of the Court in this argument, gained cryptotenure as such.
93 quaere in cuius fide sint et clientela, 106 se in Chrysogoni fidem el clientelam contulerunt, and Flor.