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QUAESTOR. The name of a magistrate of ancient Rome.

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Il quaestor alimentorum, en Decima miscellanea greca e romana, Roma: Istituto italiano di Storia antica, 1986.
Quaestor is suspected of issuing bonds for up to 150 billion forints ($524 million) above its issuance program of 60 billion forints ($210 million).
149-164, "Nicomaque Flavien et la loi") ocupam-se de duas vertentes distintas daquele fiel defensor do paganismo: a sua adesao ao neoplatonismo e a sua actividade enquanto quaestor sacri palatii do imperador Teodosio.
46) Cameron 1964:58-59, against Jacobs' proposed quaestor at Constantinople in 390 (followed by Bowra 1959:266; and Stella 1949:379-83).
Police Chief Quaestor Ioan Buda, General Inspector, Border Police of Romania
quaestor Girault, and the encyrtid Microterys fuscicornis Howard (Cooper & Cranshaw 2004; Kosztarab 1996; Myartseva & Ruiz-Cancino 2000; Peck 1963).
Men seek to get the Capitol, as they seek to get the herb market, under the voice of the crier, under the auction spear, under the regulation of the quaestor.
Early records of the Roman Empire indicate that in AD 378 soldiers had to purchase their own corn and clothes and some of their arms at a set price, which the quaestor deducted from their pay.
Romanian Secretary of State, Head of the Public Order and Safety Department and Interior Police Quaestor Ioan Dascalu expressed his admiration of the department's services, adding that Jordan is considered one of the leading countries in this field.
10,7, donde el oficio del quaestor es definido como aquel de "vota nostra optime.
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