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Founded in 1984, Quantify IP is the creator of the well-established and innovative Global IP Estimator.
And, as if the aforementioned questions weren't hard enough, consider this one: How do you quantify the value of internal cooperation?
Our review of these 1,000 patients who had undergone immunotherapy based on SET testing indicates that SET is a safe technique, and its ability to quantify allergic sensitivity can maximize the potential that immunotherapy will be successful.
If we cannot quantify what quality is, let us discuss what it is not.
Jim Esker (Senior Portfolio Product Specialist) represented Quantify IP at the Summit.
6 was specified to quantify uncertainty associated with F4.
This recent work exploits the curvature enhanced accelerator coverage (CEAC) mechanism developed at NIST and used to quantify superconformal electrodeposition of copper (widely used for integrated circuit production), as well as super-conformal electrodeposition of silver, also a recent NIST discovery.
The following sections examine some examples of how SFA can be used to quantify and enhance managerial judgment and project intangibles.
com)-- Quantify IP will be attending and exhibiting at the International Trademark Association's (INTA) 138th Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida from May 21-25, 2016.
Various gas flow characteristics are important to quantify gas flow in fiber suspensions; these include the local and average volumetric gas fraction (termed gas holdup or void fraction), gas flow regime, and bubble size.