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The platform also aids in extensive quantitative research, strategy development and thorough back-testing through historical conditions.
Because of the focus on a progression toward independence as a quantitative biomedical, behavioral, bioimaging, or bioengineering researcher, the prospective candidate for the Mentored Quantitative Research Career Development Award will require enhanced skills in the experimental, theoretical, and conceptual approaches used in biomedicine, behavioral science, bioimaging, or bioengineering.
The methods used in quantitative research are built on five underlying assumptions that are distinctive from the assumptions of qualitative tradition.
Of course, qualitative research in LIS no longer needs to be legitimized by juxtaposing it with quantitative research.
The firm's founder and its principals are former head and senior professionals that helped build the superior products and track record of The DAIS Group, a quantitative research group established in 1978 at the now defunct Drexel Burnham, a subsidiary of Bridge Information Systems America, Inc.
From a conceptual point of view, there is a distinct lack of uniformity in description and discussion of the relationship between qualitative and quantitative research.
According to nearly 50% of the quantitative research directors TABB interviewed for this report, simply dealing with the sheer scale of market, fundamental, reference, internal, broker and client data, not to mention research commentary, is the leading challenge they face in managing a quant research platform.
NEW YORK, May 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Capital IQ, a Standard & Poor's business and leading provider of fundamental and quantitative research and analysis solutions, today released a new version of AlphaWorks, its market-leading quantitative stock selection web platform.
I generally like to use quantitative research as an aid to final decision-making, but I find qualitative research to often be the most insightful as I am working through a project.
NEW YORK, May 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Capital IQ, a Standard & Poor's business, and a leading provider of financial research solutions, today announced the formation of SystematIQ Research, a new independent institutional quantitative research group specializing in value-added content and quantitative market insight.
Quantitative research in linguistics; an introduction.
Flesaker is responsible for leading quantitative research and the team that develops models to assist traders and portfolio managers in identifying investment opportunities.

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