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[Latin, Wherefore; for what reason; on what account.] The introductory term used in the Latin form of a number of common-law writs at the beginning of the statement of the reason for the dispute.

Quare is more commonly used in its English form, query.

QUARE, pleadings. Wherefore. This word is sometimes used in the writ in certain actions, but is inadmissible in a material averment in the pleadings, for it is merely interrogatory and, therefore, when a declaration began with complaining of the defendant, "wherefore with force, &c. he broke and entered" the plaintiff's close, was considered ill. Bac. Ab. Pleas, B 5, 4; Gould on Pl. c. 3, Sec. 34.

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Daniel Quare was born in 1648 and made clocks until his death in 1724 and was one of the early makers of the best clocks, so much so in fact that the Russian Tzars had examples of his work in their collections: gold watches encrusted with emeralds and scrolls of diamonds.
The Irish band Quare Craic went down a storm and without doubt we will be inviting them back again to next year's festival.
The Quare Fellow is immediately concerned with capital punishment, of topical significance certainly to a writer who narrowly escaped the hangman's noose, but for Behan judicial execution is only the most lethal form of punishment and deprivation meted out in a social hierarchy which divides people all the time into deserving and undeserving, rich and poor, grievable and ungrievable.
Which Irish author and IRA member wrote Borstal Boy and the play The Quare Fellow?
he route also leads u through the picresque Victoria quare which is the ght of an elaborate itfire fashioned out f thousands of flowrs.
Walter Macken (1915-67) was an actor who played many roles in his native Ireland, including The Abbey Theatre in Dublin, and on Broadway in New York and in The Quare Fellow and other films, but is best remembered for his writing.
For the record, Behan wrote the song for his play The Quare Fellow, based in Mountjoy jail "along the banks of the Royal Canal" in Dublin.
The design of the CD sets the emotionally heightened offertorium Quare Domine irasceris, full of dissonance and Baroque grandeur, and performed with great subjective engagement, at the very centre of the project.
But in Ireland we have a saying when we are totally flummoxed with a moral problem beyond our humble minds, "Boys, that's a quare thing, isn't it?
Members of the Forthspring Community Centre's youth group have compiled a book of poems and photographs of paramilitary murals in the area called 'The Hurt, The Peace, The Love and The Wall', while the senior citizens of the club have compiled a collection of stories about growing up on the Springfield Road called 'A Quare Book'.
As we say in Ireland "she's a quare lookin' aul bird for her age".
The genesis of Joseph Valente's collection of essays Quare Joyce was the special issue of the James Joyce Quarterly he edited in 1994.