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QUART, measures. A quart is a liquid measure containing one-fourth part of a gallon.

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Quarte is well-known for his professional affiliations and community involvement.
The exotic pools like the Quinte+, Quarte, Tierce and Multi paid out around [euro]10.
ALAN CURBISH-LEY has called on his Charlton squad to ensure their season does not go "flat" again by finishing the campaign in style - starting with victory over Middlesbrough in tonight's FA Cup quarte final.
In the event, the dedicated few attending yesterday probably had no need of such devices, although the polished vitality of the Maggini Quarte t's attack on the Allegro of Mozart's Hunt Quartet could have held almost any crowd in thrall.
Based upon these recent developments," Salit said, "Modami expects to report dramatically improved revenues for the first fiscal quarter of 1994 which ends today, and also expects these results to continue to show very substantial improvement in subsequent quarte.
I am delighted tained growth of over 40% for the past 11 quarte joining Exodus, Brown was president and CEO ofommunications