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QUARTER SESSIONS. A court bearing this name, mostly invested with the trial of criminals. It takes its name from sitting quarterly or once in three months.
     2. The English courts of quarter sessions were erected during the reign of Edward III. Vide Stat. 36 Edward III. Crabb's Eng. L. 278.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Curiously, the Quarter Sessions report in the Morpeth Herald of July 1, 1905 refers to him as William Phusor, a 23-year-old bricklayer, casting doubt on his true identity.
He was tried at both the quarter sessions and the assizes in Worcester, and before the Kings Bench in London.
(4) The latest evidence of the Simpson troupe's activities appears to date from January 1616, when eight members of the company were fined as "comon players of Enterludes vagabonds and sturdy beggars" at the North Riding Quarter Sessions: the players punished were George White, weaver, 24, of Egton; John Simpson, cordwainer, 25, of Egton; Richard Simpson, cordwainer, 24, of Egton; Cuthbert Simpson, cordwainer, 18, of Egton--all of whom were described as "Recusantes papales"--and Nicholas Postgate, labourer, 13, of Egton; Edward Concett, tailor, 30, of Egton; Robert Simpson, cordwainer, 7+ of Staithes, and Robert Harbutt alias Cawdmer, husbandman, 7+, of Goteland (North Riding Quarter Session Minutes MS--hereafter NRQSM--2/2 fol.
The indexes are grouped together under the heading Warwickshire Occupational and Quarter Sessions 1662-1866 and relate to unusual historic records kept at Warwickshire County Record Office and previously under used by the public.
Labourers stole their gambling cash TWO labourers aged 16 appeared at Middlesbrough Quarter Sessions charged with stealing 13s 6d (67p) from a gas meter in a house in Nelson Street South Bank.
Some Newfoundland municipalities even have poll taxes, and the famous three county governments established in Prince Edward Island in 1764 have never actually operated except for the holding of some quarter sessions.
At Cardiff Quarter Sessions, a 17-year-old girl housebreaker from Ely who stole clothing worth pounds 30 while she was already on remand was sent to Borstal for three years.
quarter sessions, which administered the districts local
Capp eschews the records of the assizes and quarter sessions in favour of the petty sessions and recognizances.
Through a detailed study of recognizances brought before the Westminster Quarter Sessions, the author argues that there was a greater-than-expected degree of unacceptable and therefore prosecuted violence.
London's Old Bailey seems a likely place to seek out details of such experiences, but in fact assault prosecutions before that court, from which cases of domestic violence might be identified, were rare, as assault was a misdemeanour offence and thus its prosecution fell under the jurisdiction of the quarter sessions. Only the most serious forms of assault such as stabbing or slitting the face or nose, violent acts defined by statute, would be tried there.
(22) In his later life he served a three-year term as one of the wardens of the town lands from Michaelmas 1622 to Michaelmas 1625, (23) but during his younger years he was a known brawler, connected to Edward Oxley through their joint association with the Tonbridge tailor Thomas Woody (Wooddy/Wooddin/Wooden/Woodyer), and no stranger to the quarter sessions and assize courts.