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QUARTER. A measure of length, equal to four inches. Vide Measure.

References in classic literature ?
Remembering their own former habits, they used to say that the Surveyor was walking the quarter-deck.
The officers of the quarter-deck hurried to the after-part of the vessel.
I had six weeks of doing nothing else, and with only an hour or so every evening for a tramp on the quarter-deck.
Those glorious bunches of bananas, which once decorated our stern and quarter-deck, have, alas, disappeared
So it goes with the world, squire,” cried Benjamin; “if so be that a man wants to walk the quarter-deck with credit, d’ye see, and with regular built swabs on his shoulders, he mustn’t think to do it by getting in at the cabin windows.
Upon the quarter-deck of the flagship, sheltered by a canopy of velvet and ermine, which was suspended by stout supports, Henrietta, the queen dowager, and the young princess -- with the admiral, the Duke of Norfolk -- standing beside them -- watched with alarm this slender bark, at one moment tossed to the heavens, and the next buried beneath the waves, and against whose dark sail the noble figures of the two French gentlemen stood forth in relief like two luminous apparitions.