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QUARRY. A place whence stones are dug for the purpose of being employed in building, making roads, and the like.
     2. When a farm is let with an open quarry, the tenant may, when not restrained by his contract, take out the stone, but he has no right to open new quarries. Vide Mines. Waste.

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Riverside Quary, South Melbourne 3205, Victoria, Australia.
Usually you'll be able to get to within 200 yards or less of your quary when you do things right but as I mentioned earlier, there are times when the terrain precludes anything except taking a long shot.
In addition, the herbal category cycled against a parsales and marketing activities in the second quary 25, 1999.
Tenders are invited for Nit 86 work 4 - wbm patch work and quary rabbish in potholes at different places in nagar nigam area
Snook and tarpon are his favorite summer time quary.
A mega event marking the 19 days of activism Ban on corporal punishment, prevention abuse and violence against children / youth (November 1 - 19) is scheduled to be held today (Tuesday) at the Government Girls High School, Quary road.
Tenders are invited for irumpanam eroor road side concreting, thrikkathara moolepparampu,thirunilath quary rad re tarring
Free-range Sambar deer are a unique quary for people looking for an exotic adventure each December.
The worst-hit areas due to the situation are included Faqir Muhammad road, Quary road, McCongy road, Stewart road, Ghazi street, New Al-Gilani road, Jan Muhammad Road, Abdul Sattar road, Kasi road, besides other surrounding areas including Spinny road, Killi Mubarak, Huddah, Tirkha and other adjoining areas, it seems that the entire city is facing the crisis.