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QUAY, estates. A wharf at which to load or land goods, sometimes spelled key.
     2. In its enlarged sense the word quay, means the whole space between the first row of houses of a city, and the sea or river 5 L. R. 152, 215. So much of the quay as is requisite for the public use of loading and unloading vessels, is public property, and cannot be appropriated to private use, but the rest may be, private property. Id. 201.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Then Thar Ban vaulted to the back of his thoat, Thuvia of Ptarth still in his arms, and with a savage cry of triumph disappeared down the black canyon of the Avenue of Quays between the sullen palaces of forgotten Aaanthor.
The porters and fellahs rushed down the quay, and a dozen boats pushed off from the shore to go and meet the steamer.
This stranger was walking up and down absorbed in the marked contemplation of the ship's fore and aft trim; but when I saw him squat on his heels in the slush at the very edge of the quay to peer at the draught of water under her counter, I said to myself, "This is the captain." And presently I descried his luggage coming along - a real sailor's chest, carried by means of rope-beckets between two men, with a couple of leather portmanteaus and a roll of charts sheeted in canvas piled upon the lid.
The coadjutor proceeded onward to the quay by way of the Rue de la Monnaie; there he found groups of bourgeois clad in black cloaks or gray, according as they belonged to the upper or lower bourgeoisie.
Somerset's Quay Marinas, which owns the Royal Quays Marina at North Shields, has said it will merge with Dorset-based Dean & Reddyhoff to create one of the UK's largest marina firms.
Farrans Construction has won the PS50m contract to construct City Quays 3 which will accommodate 1,800 people when complete.
Just a few weeks ago this stretch of water at Salford Quays was swamped with rubbish.
There are also plans to open up the riverside to provide a direct link between the Fish Quay and Royal Quays.
Darryl Rowlands, a planner with WPM Planning & Development - which is helping the consortium with the project - said: "The Quays is a modern, mixed-use development providing up to 2,000 new high-quality homes together with a host of local amenities for the area, including waterfront cafes, bars and restaurants as well as shops, a new primary school, parks and play spaces.
IN desperate need of a girlie weekend, my daughter, mother and I travelled to Salford Quays in Manchester.