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QUEAN. A worthless woman a strumpet. The meaning of this word, which is now seldom used, is said not to be well ascertained. 2 Roll. Ab. 296 Bac. Ab. Stander, U 3.

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The men witnessing this take Selden's side: "those daft Bulgars the Reds were as scared and respectable about bairning a quean as though they went to the kirk three times a Sunday and said grace afore every meal, there was hardly a one but was doucely married" (615).
The consequence is that prostitutes are now only named by a variety of other expressions, whereas quean has basically died out.
Quoth Quentin, "'Quite quaint quean Quintrelle, Qua quaestor, 'quods' quirks quirts'd quell
1560 "Such a jade she is, and so curst a quean, She would out-scold the devil's dame I ween") (see also Mills 1989: 128 and Palmatier 1995: 215).
Nichil quasi aliud egi nisi ut animi mei status, vel siquid aliud nossem, notum fieret amicis; probabatur enim michi quod prima ad fratrem epystola Cicero idem ait, esse <<epystole proprium, ut is ad quean scribitur de his rebus quas ignorat certior fiat>>.
Their children, the products of these beds, inherit the subversive inclinations as well, as depicted in "The Humor of a Cursed Quean.
Admiralty Arch was commissioned by King Edward VII as a memorial to mark the reign of his mother Quean Victoria.
2 Promoter: The quean made us swear to keep it too.
QUEANS 15 Dormer Place, Leamington Spa CV32 5AA Renowned for their home-made ice-cream, Queans was listed as one of the Times' top 20 places for foodies.
Mary Bly, Queer Virgins and Virgin Queans on the Early Modern Stage (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2000), 12, 68 n.
Banana and whisky, rhubarb crumble and dark chocolate and orange are just some of the sinfully delicious iced treats the chef and owner of Queans has created.
A two-story, 82,000-s/f industrial building at 132-05 Atlantic Avenue in Jamaica, Queans, tenanted for at least the next 20 years by New York City's Department of Sanitation, is on the market for sale through Eastern Consolidated priced at $12 million.