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QUEEN. There are several kinds of queens in some countries. 1. Queen regnant, is a woman who possesses in her own right the executive power of the country.
     2. Queen consort, is the wife of a king.
     3. Queen dowager is the widow of a king. In the United States there is no one with this title.

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Richards also argues that Mary entered into her reign from a context where the powers of even the queen consorts had been exposed as vulnerable, given Henry VIII's treatment of four of his wives.
The ultimate impression of this book is that these queen consorts were the last generation to move in a world in which Europe was held together by the familial ties between royal houses.
Linda Porter ably demonstrates how Katherine Parr made an ideal stepmother for the Tudor royal children, Mary, Edward and Elizabeth ('Ideal Stepmother', March 2010), as well as the fact, frequently overlooked, that 'she was one of the most important queen consorts in English history'.

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