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QUEEN. There are several kinds of queens in some countries. 1. Queen regnant, is a woman who possesses in her own right the executive power of the country.
     2. Queen consort, is the wife of a king.
     3. Queen dowager is the widow of a king. In the United States there is no one with this title.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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She defects to her own wintry Ice Queendom, fostering her own army and banning human affection from her domain: "Love is nothing more than a fairy tale," she hisses, coolly oblivious to her own generic surroundings.
"Quite Contrary: Mary Butts's Wild Queendom." Voice Literary Supplement, May: 21-24.
Understandably limitations apply, but Stirling's claim that Ellen Galford's Queendom Come (1990) "contains probably the funniest female incarnation of Scotland in the twentieth century, or indeed at all" (115) would suggest that it merited more than the few pages of analysis provided.
For example, her chapter on witches and female monsters uses Ellen Galford's Queendom Come and The Fires of Bride, Muriel Spark's Symposium, Alice Thompson's Pandora's Box, and Ali Smith's The Accidental to demonstrate how these novels use the stories of modern Scottish women or radical reworkings of mythic Scottish female archetypes to "articulate a radical interrogation of sex/gender categories" (82).
When seventeen-year-old Raisa takes the throne, she inherits a queendom on the brink of civil war.
Many relaxing, realistic photos of Bangle Bear at home, in her yard and in her queendom adorn the chapters and pages.
There appears to be an equivalence drawn between the bouquet she holds and the child-trophies in the arms of the other women in the painting; in this vaguely foreboding setting, normative dreams of prom queendom and coupling become mere instantiations of the logic of possession.
SHORTLY AFTER the Scandinavian queendom of Denmark slapped an innovative "fat tax" on a variety of food staples, Danes began to see the slimming effects--not on their waistlines but on their wallets.
And Her Majesty the Queen of England has also been served with a Civil War branded as "Riots" raging throughout her almighty queendom. TOWARDS A WELL-OILED FUTURE?
The news took me to my college days when I and my friends, a bunch of confused idealists, were stumped by a forceful question: Why not United Queendom?
Put on your crown: Life-changing moments on the path to queendom. Queen Latifah.