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QUEEN. There are several kinds of queens in some countries. 1. Queen regnant, is a woman who possesses in her own right the executive power of the country.
     2. Queen consort, is the wife of a king.
     3. Queen dowager is the widow of a king. In the United States there is no one with this title.

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Thai sett hem doun al thre Under a fair ympe-tre, And wel sone this fair quene Fel on slepe opon the grene.
Ademas, la longitud del enunciado tiene un impacto en la velocidad de articulacion (Bartkova, 1991; Quene, 2008) ya que cuanto mas largo es el enunciado, mas rapida es la velocidad de articulacion.
After his replication of the original introduction, the individual who commissioned the Cawood version but who did not identify himself added his own preface, explaining that it was his admiration for The folowinge that led him to request "the Quenes highnes printer to take the paines eftsones to emprint it, seing the other is worne away, which was very faultye in many places, and in this he hath done his diligence in correction thereof as you shal wel perceiue in conferring them together.
after this spousage the kynges frendes fell from hym, bothe in Englande and in Fraunce, the Lordes of his realme, fell in division emongest themselfes, the commons rebelled against their sovereigne Lorde, and naturall Prince, wer foughten, many thousands slain, and finally, the kyng deposed, and his sonne slain, and this Quene sent home again, with as muche misery and sorowe, as she was received with pompe and triumphe.
And wheras your request is that I should continue your good ladie and queen, be ye ensured, that I will be as good unto you, as ever quene was to her people.
Blind Boy Boatclub said: "UB40, Blind Willie McTell, Up On Your Bike Mike, Hot Billy and the Noise Crew, Alan Alky and the Dole Quene, Dancing Diarmaid and the Craptones - they're good.
5), the audience is not yet aware why the speaker could make such a claim, and how valid it might be, but in the final couplet of the stanza she identifies herself and her connection to her audience, a relationship that is the basis for the present speech: "Your selfe wotte well that in this realme was I, / Your quene but late, and lo now here I lye" (ll.
La reiteracion de los mismos tipos de discurso, por otra parte, puede implicar lentitud o incluso longitud, como ocurre en la novela Ochered (La fila) de Vladimir Sorokin, analizada por Andreas Ohme: "The constant repetition of the same type of utterances serves to point out the length of the quene and the repetitiveness of what happens in it" (158).
The Lords of the Counsell, Lord Governe aryght, / That they may be mindfull of the common weale" (Phillip, I1r); "let us all praye, / For Elyzabeth our Quene, .
Quen he was laide be-lyfe his liknes he changes Worthis agayn to a wee fra a worme turnys The kisses he keenly the quene & clappis in armes Langis sare to the layke & on-loft worthies Quen he had wroght all his will hire wame then he touches, And with a renyst reryd this reson he said 'This concepcion with kyngis sal be called here-efter A verra victor a-vansid all the vayne werde.
In rectangular churches, whether strictly basilical, with aisles and an inscribed apsidal east end, or a series of cells leading one from another, the easternmost space is usually the maqdas, and the centre of the nave the qeddest, while the westernmost or narthex-like space serves as the quene mellet.
79oz (149g) and such an important set was copied in silver, silver gilt and gold, and eventually some 5,050 sets were produced, of which this is a part depicting Queen Elizabeth (spelled Quene Elizabethe) St Peter, Hector of Troy, King Arthur, Charlemagne and Jushua (spelt Jusua Dux).