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QUEEN. There are several kinds of queens in some countries. 1. Queen regnant, is a woman who possesses in her own right the executive power of the country.
     2. Queen consort, is the wife of a king.
     3. Queen dowager is the widow of a king. In the United States there is no one with this title.

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Wyth that, Dame Tryamour to the quene geth, And blew on her swych a breth That neuer eft mygt sche se.
1) Bale replied that "havock" had been made of his library seven years earlier, when he had been forced to flee Ireland to exile on the Continent and had been "depryved of all that I had, by the papystes undre quene Marye.
E estremamente taro che gli atti di un convegno di un'associazione nordamericana vengano accolti e pubblicati dalle strutture italiane: questo dunque sembra presagire un rapporto rigoglioso e dinamico tra le istituzioni italiane e quene nordamericane a livello di scambi concreti.
Vpon the peyne of here liues and forfaiture of here godes, that non be so hardy to speke, ne mouen, ne publish, en priue ne appert, oni thyng that might soune in euel or dishoneste of oure lige lorde the king, ne of our ladi the quene, or ony lordes that haue bien duellyng with the kyng bi-for this time, or of hem that duellen aboute his persone nowe, or shul duelle, in hinderyng of here state in any manere.
romanzoffiana * Archaeological site Gruta do Lapa Ponta Gentio Pe- da Guajara II quene Cabeca Species (Bra) (Bra) (Bra) (Bra) Acromia aculeata Acrocomia hassleri Aiphanes cf.
Nothing is known of his relations with Shakespeare hereafter either, except indirectly through an extant note of 1604 from Sir Walter Cope to Robert Cecil, sent by Burbage, saying that according to Burbage, "ther ys no new playe that the quene [Anne] hath not seene," but the company has revived an old one, Love's Labour's Lost, which will please her exceedingly and "ys apointed to be playd to Morowe night at my Lord of Sowth amptons.
spaec (space) quene (queen) rool (rule) maek (make)
For example, Vergil's account of Elizabeth's flight into sanctuary uses interior perspective and ascribes to her privileged suspicions about Richard: "Elyzabeth the quene was much dismayed, and determynyd furthwith to fly; for, suspecting eaven than that ther was no plane dealing, to th intent she might dlyver her other children from the present danger, she convayed hirself with them .
of the deth of quene Elizabeth"; and "Certain meters .
Asked by Isold to do battle with three knights that do her wrong Dinadan answers, "I shall sey you ye be as fayre a lady as evir I sawe ony, and much fayrer than is my lady quene Gwenyver, but wyte you well, at one worde, I woll nat fyght for you wyth three knyghtes, Jesu me defende" (1977: 424).
Kyng and quene converte xall 3e, And byn amyttyd as an holy apostylesse.
The first witnesses testified on 6 March 1544 that Mildred had been born in September 1532, and a week later, on 13 March, the witnesses confirmed that she "was born iii q[uar]ters of a yeare before the coronacoon of quene Anne, which was butt xi yeres agone at Whytsontyde last past.