Question about financing/ownership of car

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Country: United States of America
State: Virginia

Unable to get financing myself, I signed a Buyer's Order and Purchase Contract for a used automobile at a dealership in Virginia with a cosigner (who lives in Calif). My name and the cosigner's name appear together at the top of each document. The Buyer's Order reads: "Subject to Approval by the Bank".
I got auto insurance and temporary registration at the dealership and drove home while they continued to work on the deal.
After three days, the cosigner said she never got the docs and decided against cosigning. The dealership said that it got no final answer by the bank.
I returned the car with the keys on the 4th day because the Buyer's Order says the car must be returned within 4 days "unless a full settlement." I also canceled my insurance. The dealership is calling me saying that it has finalized the agreement and that it is my car. Do I own the car?


If you returned it and no full settlement had occurred, it is not yours...and you would prevail in court...
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