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But Sergey Ivanovitch, who had been talking with far less heat and one-sidedness than the professor, and who had sufficient breadth of mind to answer the professor, and at the same time to comprehend the simple and natural point of view from which the question was put, smiled and said:
Then the question arises, Is this one disparity sufficient to operate as a bar to such a marriage?
Confining yourself rigidly to Fact, the question of Fact you state to yourself is: Does Mr.
question, "Is it possible to transmit a projectile up to the moon?
question, "What is the exact distance which separates the earth from its satellite?
I might have known that he would never help me out; but it took me aback to have to shape the question afresh, as if it were quite new.
If the legal opinion is adverse to your rightful claims, I will promise to answer any questions which you may choose to put to me.
Accuracy of response is a perfectly clear notion in the case of answers to questions, but in other cases it is much more obscure.
Graham's" remarkable question, addressed to the landlady, had related to legal business, and to the discovery of a trust-worthy person capable of transacting it for her.
Brott declared, "to ask you a question - to me a very important question.
My quickness would have to be remarkable, however, and the question of a conveyance was the great one to settle.
As public interest was in question, and transatlantic communications suffered, their veracity could not be doubted.

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