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QUAESTOR. The name of a magistrate of ancient Rome.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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(5) Bishop John Waltham of Salisbury probably referred to lay pardoners when he insisted to the dean and chapter, along with the rectors and vicars of the diocese of Salisbury, that the questors (Latin for preachers of indulgence) of the hospital of Saint Antoine de Viennois "were to explain papal and episcopal privileges and indulgences but not to preach," that is, not to proclaim them from a pulpit.
With the acquisition of Teksid's aluminum business, Questor Management intends to strengthen its presence in the automotive sector.
If the questor is a mouthpiece for Melville, as so many critics believe, it is a Melville concerned with a lot more than the nature of artistic representation or the creative imagination of the writer.
"It has a great deal of potential applications," said QUESTOR research fellow John Stewart.
The questor returns with knowledge, maturity and readiness to contribute.
Prior to focusing on real estate software, he was vice president and director of research of Questor Associates, the predecessor company to Roulac Real Estate Consulting Group of Deloitte & Touche.
Questor Surveys is providing a new mapping service in which the known geology and interpreted aeromagnetic data are integrated to provide complete geological map coverage.
The central figure of the poem, the questor, is Clarel, a young and relatively innocent theological student who is oscillating between faith and doubt.
Finally, he reached out to Dunn's show for help, and the program host saw how much it meant to the questor, so he decided to make it a personal mission to provide the answer he so desperately needed to get.
As the questor becomes a renegade here in this text, so, too, must the construction and framing of the quest itself come under critical fire.
The newspaper's Questor column suspects that next week these analysts will issue positive updates on the situation at the company's mine - a move that could boost the company's share price.