Qui tam

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QUI TAM, remedies. Who as well. When a statute imposes a penalty, for the doing or not doing an act, and gives that penalty in part to whosoever will sue for the same, and the other part to the commonwealth, or some charitable, literary, or other institution, and makes it recoverable by action, such actions are called qui tam actions, the plaintiff describing himself as suing as well for the commonwealth, for example, as for himself. Espin. on Pen. Act. 5, 6; 1 Vin. Ab. 197; 1 Salk. 129 n.; Bac. Ab. h.t.

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3 billion was recovered in qui tam whistleblower suits, while in fiscal year 2013, $2.
9) Given the enormous costs and significant length of qui tam cases,
Challenges to the qui tam provision's constitutionality followed,
In addition to including the entire qui tam award in taxable income, the IRS assessed an accuracy-related penalty under Sec.
25 million qui tam payment in his gross income and (2) for an accuracy-related penalty because his exclusion of the qui tam payment resulted in a substantial understatement of income tax.
So although the government had far less control over false marking suits than over other qui tam suits, under this lower standard, there was still enough control to satisfy the "take care" clause, the court concluded.
Under the settlement, the whistleblowers will receive a combined share of $151,591,500, the highest combined qui tam award ever paid out by the government.
The plight of the modern day qui tam relator resembles the travails poor Goldilocks encountered in her search for that just-right-bowl of porridge and comfortable bed.
Peck: How might facilities deal with the possibility of a qui tam investigation, i.
The Qui Tam statute allows private parties who reveal allegations of fraud against the government to share in any recovery.
has settled a qui tam lawsuit filed in the District Court of Florida for just over $17.
Taxpayers can protect themselves from most of those extra charges as well as the qui tam suit by coming forward under the department's voluntary program, according to DOR Executive Director Jim Zingale.