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The science-based workshop Weird Custard allows visitors to use one of the nation's favourite desserts to walk on, use as quicksand or even make a giant flamethrower.
When the old coach route from Lancaster to Kendal used to take a short cut across the bay, several coaches were either overtaken by the tide or sucked under in quicksand.
Mr McDonald added that on Tuesday morning one of the North Wales cocklers was trapped in quicksand up to his chest and had to be rescued.
Toward the middle of her 1928 novel Quicksand, Nella Larsen thematizes her authorial relation to the literary past in a scene that uncannily adumbrates the future demise of her career.
And her fa ilure here to read for the range of possibilities made available by the "patchwork" is precisely what marks Larsen's allusion to her novel's own revisionary relation to prior texts-a relation that would, in Larsen's last published work, be misunderstood by her contemporaries as much as it was by her protagonist in Quicksand.
Quicksand was written and published during a period of intense American cultural nationalism that, as George Hutchinson has recently argued, represents a crucial but often overlooked context for interpretations of African American modernism (Harlem).
Larsen's 1928 first novel, for instance, unmistakably echoed the title of Edith Wharton's short story "The Quicksand," and a contemporary reviewer of her 1929 novel Passing, remarking somewhat condescendingly that Larsen had "gone to Mrs.
While much of the most important scholarship on the novel has convincingly emphasized Larsen's unique contributions to the African American literary tradition, Quicksand proves nevertheless to be the product of a literary genealogy that is unmistakably biracial, a genealogy that not only represents the novel's textual he ritage but also constitutes its own subject and polemical target.
The canal was laboriously hewn by hand 'through rocks, quicksands and mosses, carried up precipices and over valleys, rising and falling 160 feet by means of 39 locks, passing over 10 major aqueducts and a number of smaller ones', according to reports of the day.