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After going through the gauntlet of haunted and haunting, mocked and mocking pseudo-things in "Telemachus," he finds, in "Nestor," that objects console him more readily, offer him a more finely tuned purchase on his own awareness of the world, to the point that he shrugs off the idea of quidditas, with its teleological temporality, in which he once so ardently believed.
123: "Wahrend die essentia oder die quidditas, die Washeit, Antwort gibt auf die Frage quid sit res, ita actualitas respondit quaestioni an sit, so antwortet die Existenz auf die Frage, ob etwas sei.
According to Goethe, the highest evidence, or truth, is achieved when such a subjective experience arises in its purest form--preferably without any disruption or discrimination from outside, from a quidditas ("whatness").
(k) A formula-sintese "a claritas e a quidditas" concilia portanto a metafisica com a estetica de Tomas, ao condensar na revelacao da beleza encarnada de Cristo a revelacao da essencia da coisa.
De acuerdo a ibn Sina: "la forma es la cualidad de la quidditas (mahiyah) por la cual un cuerpo (jism) es lo que es, mientras que la materia es aquello que soporta (hamil) la cualidad o forma" (28).
Donne plays the Gregorian Calendar for laughs, but as in Taylor's semi-satirical question concerning dates and indulgences, the issue is real, for the Protestant convert here performs another conversion, changing, through parody, a liturgical and Catholic understanding of saints into something more sceptical of the 'Stephen-ness' of St Stephen's Day (26 December), its quidditas. Gregory's reform invited such queries: does translating a feast's date translate its mana?
Alice More, Anne Boleyn, and Anne Stanhope." Quidditas 20: 11-30.
Instead of being read by interested readers, it was an object of analysis by disinterested scholars mad about general theories of literariness (a sort of literary quidditas) and methodologies that could be applied without fail to any text.
The quidditas of the world is unknowable and incomprehensible, and should be seen as the line where all dogmatic speculation stops.
at the University of Oregon in 2000 and has published articles in such journals as Mississippi Quarterly, Romance Notes, Comitatus, English Language Notes, Quidditas, Essays in Arts and Sciences, and Philological Quarterly.
As Joyce did with Dublin and Faulkner with his invented Yoknapatawpha County, so Kennedy has over a number of novels reared up a place in time--Albany, New York, mainly in the first half of the twentieth century--that may host universal human struggles but is not the world writ small; that is, rather, its own unique locale and has, to use a word that Joyce's Stephen Daedalus liked, its own quidditas.
Por esta razon, cuando Platon dice que el <<no-ente es>> [TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII] (El sofista, 237a3-4) el es no hace en primer lugar referencia a la quidditas del ente, sino a la existentia de este.