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QUINTAL. A weight of one hundred pounds

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They regretted that many of them were paid far lower prices of their sugarcane and now the mills owners had openly announced that they would not pay more than Rs400 per quintal.
Sugar ready M-30 and S-30 prices traded lower by Rs 50 each to settle at Rs 3,560-3,750 and Rs 3,550-3,740 per quintal.
Rs 15,000 crore The banking sector's total exposure to sugar mills in Uttar Pradesh For the current year, the state government on November 12 retained Rs 280 per quintal as the price of cane.
Sugar was trading at Rs 3,050 per quintal on May 30 as against Rs 2,656 per quintal on February 1.
Cotton production costs across the country are the highest in Maharashtra, at Rs 2,960 a quintal, due to poor irrigation infrastructure and lower yields.
Currently, Venezuelan farmers get only six quintals per acre; the normal yield is over ten quintals.
Paul Quintal is a 15 year sales and business development veteran and is regarded in both IT and media industries as a high impact revenue producer.
Sugar ready M-30 and S-30 prices weakened by Rs20 each to end the day at Rs3,950-4,100 and Rs3,940-4,090 per quintal.
Une serie de mesures ont ete prises fin Fevrier 2017, lors d'une seance de travail ministerielle presidee par le chef du gouvernement, Youssef Chahed, au profit du secteur cerealier dont l'augmentation des prix du ble dur a la production de 5 dinars pour la porter a 75 dinars par quintal, du ble tendre de 2 dinars, a 54 dinars le quintal et de l'orge et du triticale de 2 dinars, a 50 D le quintal.
THE CABINET Committee on Economic Affairs ( CCEA) on Wednesday approved a sharp hike of Rs up to Rs 425 per quintal in the minimum support price ( MSP) of pulses this year to encourage farmers to boost output to stave off inflation in the days ahead.
Guar gum prices fell 57% to Rs 11,635 per quintal between May 14 and December 31 last year.
50 per quintal from last year, the MSP of wheat has been fixed at Rs.