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QUINTAL. A weight of one hundred pounds

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The MSP of jowar has been hiked by Rs 120 per quintal.
Le prix de vente du ble rendu moulin a ete aussi revu a la hausse, soit 280 dirhams le quintal pour permettre aux operateurs de couvrir le prix de revient et tirer une petite marge beneficiaire.
Fear and self-censorship became a constant refrain," says Quintal in the article.
The government of Maharashtra has targeted procurement of 3.5 lakh quintals of moong, 4 lakh quintals of urad and 25 lakh quintals of soybean.
CPJ in a statement said that officers who identified themselves as Tanzanian immigration authority officers, detained Quintal and Mumo in their hotel room in Dar es Salaam and confiscated their passports.
The MSP for bajra will be Rs1,950 per quintal -- profit of about 97 per cent as the input cost calculated by the CACP was Rs990 per quintal.
Quintal described the death of Journalist Brown as sad and urged that whoever is responsible should not go with impunity.
Negotiations went on between the farmers and the mills ' deputy director and it was concluded that the mills would clear outstanding dues of farmers at Rs450 but from now onward, the sugarcane would be purchased at Rs400 per quintal.
The CCEA also approved a bonus of Rs 425 for pulses and Rs 100- 200 per quintal for oilseeds growers over and above the MSP to encourage domestic production.
"This formula is not acceptable as farmers will end up getting only Rs 220 a quintal," he says.
Technically, the long-term trend is bullish, and prices are expected to move to Rs 5,000-5200 per quintal by the end of December."
In the national capital, wheat dara (for mills) rose by Rs20 to Rs1,600-1,605 per quintal on increased offtake by flour mills.