Quit rent

QUIT RENT. A rent paid by the tenant of the freehold, by which he goes quit and free; that is, discharged from any other rent. 2 Bl. Com. 42.
     2. In England, quit rents were rents reserved to the king or a proprietor, on an absolute grant of waste land, for which a price in gross was at first paid, and a mere nominal rent reserved as a feudal acknowledgment of tenure. Inasmuch as no rent of this description can exist in the United States, when a quit rent is spoken of, some other interest must be intended. 5 Call. R. 364. A perpetual rent reserved on a conveyance in fee simple, is sometimes known by the name of quit rent in Massachusetts. 1 Hill. Ab. 150. See Ground Rent; Rent.

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To have and to hold to them the said Inhabitants and their Heirs, for the sole use and benefit of the Church forever, and that 1 the said James Moody, for myself, my Heirs, Executors and administrators covenant and agree with the said Inhabitants and their Heirs that 1 have good and lawful right to dispose of them in manner aforesaid, and that it is free from ail encumbrances, except His Majestys Quit Rent, andl will warrant and defend the same to them the said Inhabitants and their Heirs forever against the Lawful Claims of any person.
6 per cent in 2012 is due to a one-off reversal of quit rent.