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At the beginning of the experiment, the teachers instructed the participants on how to log into the online learning systems and play the multi-player quiz game.
Cellit LLC, a US-based company that develops mobile customer relationship management (CRM) programmes, has released a new interactive quiz game for bars and nightclubs, named 'The 3rd Degree'.
The uniquely different India quiz game is designed to test people's knowledge of information and facts about India.
A new British-style pub quiz game is popping up in Eugene beginning on Wednesday.
Over in Essex cheeky Jeff played the themed `Millionaire'pub quiz game with Diana looking on.
The software also provides faster browsing and the chance to access music libraries as well as synchronised play lists with iTunes and a Music Quiz game.
The women enjoyed breakfast served by the men's breakfast club, then moved to the sanctuary for devotions and a quiz game based on the theme.
Several interactive opportunities are also available, including a quiz game in which students may engage.
Rocky & Bullwinkle's Know-It-All Quiz Game Grades: 4-7 Platform: Windows 95, 98, Macintosh