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QUOTA. That part which each one is to bear of some expense; as, his quota of this debt; that is, his proportion of such debt.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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He said Lahore High Court had ordered that quota for government and private Hajj operators should be on a 50/50 basis.
Ogasapian said Monday, via Twitter, that it is the duty of the various political factions to commit to a women's quota, which had been mentioned in the government's policy statement in December.
By 2015, the EU has complied with the Regulation and, given the very good 2014/2015 season, granted the maximum allowable quota, allowing 27% of exports of olive oil to be exempted that year.
"It is not a major problem for us," said Gretchen Dale, director of design and marketing of Loftex USA, noting that its quota for this year was based on how much towels the company shipped to the United States last year.
According to her, 'arrangements have been concluded to electronically link the ministry's portal with the Federal Inland Revenue Service, the Nigeria Immigration Service and the Nigeria Content Development and Monitoring Bank with a view to reducing, if not totally eliminating, the incidence of fake quota positions.'
NAB counsel argued during hearing of the case Anwar Saifullah issued gas quota being minister for petroleum while he was not entitled to issue quota.
According to the former decisions of the courts, the entire quota being offered by Saudi Arabia should be distributed in a fair manner among the new quota and non-quota holders, the committee said.
Justice Shahid Karim issued the stay order on a petition filed by the association of HGOs questioning alleged discrimination in the process of allocation of Haj quota on the part of the ministry.
Justice Shahid Karim passed the orders on a petition filed by Hajj Organisers Association of Pakistan challenging allotment of additional Hajj quota to new tour operators.
He said the increase in quota is subject to the approval by the Saudi Arabian government.
The Kingdom's previous quota of 300,000 tonnes of rice exports to China will be completed by the end of this year, the statement added.