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Self-reflexive" means "referring to itself," and the quotation marks along with their preceding index in the sample sentence help to indicate that the word enclosed refers to the word itself rather than to the real-world, non-verbal thing the word typically represents.
There are a host of other operators that you can use for complex searches, but the only two I have found much use for are the minus sign we used in the last example and quotation marks.
He uses the ambiguous term "gays" without quotation marks as if to say they are born that way.
In his work, any atom--whether industrially, mechanically, or manually produced--is, as it were, in quotation marks.
Type in the following command--including the quotation marks and the spaces:
The book casually describes the Panama Canal Treaty as the Panama Canal "giveaway," calls Hillary Clinton a "co-president," and puts the word suicide in quotation marks when it mentions the death of Vince Foster.
Fisk's quotation marks around "war on terror" suggested none too subtly that battling terror organizations is mere subterfuge for a more nefarious agenda.
Italics or quotation marks inserted by the author amid quotes from letter writers alert the reader to his skepticism regarding the correspondent's motives.
My one regret is that your copy editor didn't put quotation marks around the last half of paragraph three, making it appear as my words and not George's.
However, I wonder why you chose to put ``progressive'' into quotation marks.