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However, chapters in a book, articles in a periodical, and episodes in a television series are enclosed in quotation marks.
I think of him every time I consciously put a comma inside a quotation mark, as I just did.
The mouthpiece of the Communist Party of China (CPC) published a scathing piece saying that western media distorted news of the incident by not using the word terrorist or terrorism or in some cases using quotation marks before and after the word terrorist - like this, for example: Knife-wielding 'terrorists' kill 29, injure 130 at China train station.
I use quotation marks as opposed to italics when designating a word.
My humble apologies for putting quotation marks around a phrase Mr.
PAUL, TAXATION FOR PROSPERITY 277 (1947) (internal quotation marks omitted).
The student must attribute the quote with a tag (such as According to historian David McCullough), use quotation marks, and cite the source in parentheses as described above.
The sentence was not put in quotation marks in the article, evidently because Russo was paraphrasing Mayor Kitty Piercy rather than actually quoting her.
The second option there, "this exact wording or phrase," duplicates the quotation mark trick without needing quotation marks.
I say 'surprise' in quotation marks because I had been warned in some letter some months ago.
Although there are imperfections in the translated story, such as occasionally missing quotation marks, manga fans will want all three volumes.
I use quotation marks as there has to be some doubt about whose interests he served, other than his own.