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Southwell puts on such a show today and Quote Unquote might have the final say in the Ladbrokes Median Auction Maiden Stakes.
He can still be among the winners today though, where his juvenile Quote Unquote returns to Brighton with leading chances of avenging her defeat at the seaside track earlier in the month.
You look at wrestling and you had all the popular guys - quote unquote, the good guys in the sport - and you had them wrestling each other each week, I'm not sure it would be as appealing to the fans as if you got somebody that people like and somebody that they dislike,'' Stewart said.
President) Bush can no longer be reelected on the basis of his -- quote unquote -- leadership,'' Tsurumi, who was Bush's professor at Harvard Business School, told his audience in reference to November's presidential election in the United States.
Don Thompson, president, West Division of McDonald's USA, said it was a mistake to simply characterize the company's customer base "as quote unquote blue collar".
We do not know who is going to come up with a secret ingredient to push, quote unquote, the peace process forward.
Not because we're supposed to win the game, quote unquote, but it's about how you play the game.