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The Drafts proposal uses the quoted price on the shipment date (incorporating any comparability adjustments) as the "pricing date," which is defined as "the specific date or time period selected (e.
TABLE 4 Estimates of the Linear Mixed-Effects Model for the Best-Quoted Prices [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] Degrees of Best Quoted Prices Estimate Std.
The Authority said that the airline should include the debit card fee in the quoted prices and state in an asterisked footnote that an additional fee would be charged if customers paid by credit card.
After a ham-fisted attempt to pass unexpectedly high microprocessor prices along to its business customers, Apple Computer Inc has promised that it will honor all orders for its Power Macintosh G4 computers placed before Wednesday October 13, 1999 at the originally quoted prices.
All Quoted Prices Must Be Fixed For A Period Of One Year And Will Be In Effect Starting
Meanwhile, typical quoted prices for young men tumbled by 11 per cent over the last three months of 2012, boosting their chances of being able to afford to get on the road, Confused.
A fair value hierarchy distinguishes the inputs to valuation techniques, which range from quoted prices for identical assets or liabilities in an active market (Level 1) to entity inputs that are derived from extrapolation or interpolation but that are not corroborated by other observable market data (Level 5).
The quoted prices would cover a minimum volume of 200 shares in four round lots, Spar said.
Greenwich Trading Standards Group objected that the advertisement quoted prices which were not available at the time that the ad was published.
IN recent weeks I have watched in horror at Spreadex's treatment of arbs and their attitude to laying quoted prices.