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Purpose: to reduce the gap between the Company's fair valuation based on its assets' value and the quoted price from stock exchanges, by efficiently applying the Company's strong cash position seeking to strengthen the share at the market;
Lap Travel Private Limited, E-78, South Extension Part-I, New Delhi-110049 - the quoted price was EUR 4,179.00 (RSD 492,905.10);
The Drafts proposal uses the quoted price on the shipment date (incorporating any comparability adjustments) as the "pricing date," which is defined as "the specific date or time period selected (e.g.
For the import of 50,000 metric tons urea third tender was opened on July 13, 2012 and some 13 international suppliers participated in the tender and quoted price ranging $426.39 to $478.28 per ton.
In step 2, the reporting entity is to presume that a quoted price is associated with a distressed transaction unless there is evidence that (1) there was sufficient time before the measurement date to allow for usual and customary marketing activities for the asset, and (2) there were multiple bidders for the asset.
Reading all the various local restaurants advertising to come to eat, they seem very keen to print in their "plus plus" after their quoted price. Has this "plus plus" been officially given or is it a ploy by eating houses to edge up their profit margin?
INDUSTRY VOCABULARY dictates rent as a quoted price and effective rent as the quoted price less any concessions.
JP Morgan's offer price of 535p for each unlisted share is more than double the most recently quoted price of 245p.
JP Morgan's offer price of 535p a share represents a significant premium on the most recently quoted price of 245p a share earlier this year.
AFTER hearing about Coral refusing to pay the place money for the three owners of The Other Outlaw at the quoted price of 500-1, I think it is a scandal.
Here, a consortium led by SETE Technical Services SA of Greece was selected from among six bidders, based on the lowest quoted price of water.
Mr Moynihan said certainty was also needed on whether the costs of redeveloping 500 acres of east London were included in the quoted price.