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We know that the R-squared value associated with a linear model fit to the present data set is 89.
The R-squared values for du and We relationships were less than 0.
Finally, the relatively low r-squared values we observed for mathematical reasoning and Algebra I achievement indicate that additional, unexplored variables likely influence Algebra I performance.
Adjusted R-Squared Values for Efficiency Analysis Dependent Variables # of Independent Variable Terms 1 2 3 4 5 6 MC Rate 0.
If, for example, a bond fund were judged against the S&P 500, the R-squared value would be very low.
on perceived usefulness, with adjusted R-squared value at .
The R-squared value of the (Baa--T) model was the largest of the three, but only a paltry 2.
The R-squared value x 100 was used as the measure of relative predictive power of thse different models.