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eRAID supports continued operations even in the event of a total SCSI channel failure, whereas this would be catastrophic under traditional RAID 3 or 5.
The Z-9500 Plus Family of Fibre Channel RAID Controllers provides very high RAID performance (60 MB/second sustained disk throughput with only five disks) through a unique combination of features, including: six disk channels to provide high bandwidth to disks, true RAID 3 architecture to support high speed large file transfers, and hardware parity generation so that write operations perform at the same high rate as read operations.
announces the shipment of the Z-9500 Fibre Channel RAID 3 Controller and the Z-9550 Fibre Channel RAID 3&5 Controller, the fastest disk array controllers available on the market today.
For example, RAID 0 is ideal for non-critical bandwidth applications using large files such as graphics or imaging, while RAID 3 is well-suited for mission-critical requirements.