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JetStor SAS 616iS RAID array facilitates rapid deployment, maximum data protection, configuration flexibility, and management simplicity for support of business-critical applications.
With this type of RAID array, as with most (but not all) RAID setups, both hard drives need to have exactly the same capacity.
Purchasing 4 Gb/s FC components assures customers that as the capacity of the drives within their RAID arrays increases, the time required to rebuild RAID drives (and thus to assure business continuity after a hardware failure) will remain within acceptable limits.
Complete information about the JetStor SAS 516F RAID array, including technical specifications, can be found on Advanced Computer & Network Corporation's Web site at http://www.
Since MTBF is based on power-on time, it also means that their SATA disks last four times longer than disks in a traditional RAID array, making it in the ballpark of a SCSI, with 1.
Each controller supports up to 1GB cache, has an IBM PowerPC processor, an Ethernet LAN port, and an RS-232C (audio jack) serial port for RAID array management.
Complete information about the JetStor III SATA RAID Array, including technical specifications, can be found on Advanced Computer & Network Corporation's Web site at http://www.
The approach is positively unique, placing the switch inside a RAID array where disk drives are arranged in trays and connected together using FC-AL--which is already a commonplace topology in many RAID storage platforms.
While Apple offers its high-end Xserve[R] RAID array for Fibre Channel SANs, and other vendors offer a variety of lower-end software RAID-based USB, FireWire[R], and eSATA[TM] solutions, Mac users have been limited in terms of the solutions in the mid-high-end range," said George Swords, Marketing Manager of MacPac, a Portland, Oregon Apple Specialist.
Previously available only to original equipment manufacturers, it takes aim at the fast-growing market for enterprise servers with advanced features that include the ability to use the full capacity of various-sized disk drives in a RAID array.
Next generation JetStor III U160 RAID array delivers reliable data protection combined with the high-performance of Ultra160 SCSI to support mission critical business applications.
The Xyratex E5402E RAID array is a 2U, 12-drive SAS-to-SAS subsystem that supports 3Gbps SAS and SATA disk drives and can be expanded to support up to 60 SAS/SATA drives.