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I'm not talking about shooting RAW plus JPEG, where we end up with a RAW file and a JPEG file; I'm talking about when we shoot RAW only," he notes.
A second advantage is raw files are stored with more bit depth -- that is, a bigger range of numbers to describe the full spread from fully dark to maxed-out brightness.
Also, apart from JPEG files, the LG G4 is also equipped to save in RAW file format which leaves photos completely untouched from editing.
The Kodak RAW file allows for in-camera JPEG and TIFF extraction, as well as RAW editing within new Kodak EasyShare software v5.
PhotoDirector also delivers support for a broad range of RAW file formats from the world's leading digital cameras.
System Chart for Touch Screen is a set of tools and equipment - hardware and software - which allows you to create and play back television content for the broadcast from audiovisual material in the raw file format.
0 card reader and fast read and write speed mean that photographers will be able to move large RAW file formats and 4k video to and from the camera much faster than they were able to in the past.
Additionally, a new compact RAW file format is introduced with the P-series: IIQ RAW, Intelligent Image Quality RAW.
The solution includes a plug-in to SCRATCH's SPA plug-in architecture that enables the ViewPLUS 4K RAW file format.
The new range introduces support for the Apple Mac Pro and the AMD FirePro D series cards; Assimilate ScratchA technical demonstration of raw file video processing, editing, compositing and color correction.
Advanced digital photographers have discovered cameras with RAW file format ability have great advantages.
All this RAW goodness does come at a price though, as each 24-megapixel RAW file will eat up roughly 20-25MB of disk space, which is all good when you're the occasional shooter, but if you're anything like us trigger-happy folk, then you'll be chewing through hard disk space faster than you can say "what the