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A second advantage is raw files are stored with more bit depth -- that is, a bigger range of numbers to describe the full spread from fully dark to maxed-out brightness.
I'm not talking about shooting RAW plus JPEG, where we end up with a RAW file and a JPEG file; I'm talking about when we shoot RAW only," he notes.
Unique features in ProShow Producer include multiple layers per slide, RAW file support, custom show templates, professional DVD menu authoring, color profile awareness, watermarking, caption interactivity, and manual show control.
The Kodak RAW file allows for in-camera JPEG and TIFF extraction, as well as RAW editing within new Kodak EasyShare software v5.
With 16-bit Linear RAW file output capability, the F65 creates the gateway to an end-to-end 4K file-based mastering workflow.
60 Minutes of 16 bit Linear RAW file recording onto a 1TB SRMemory card at 24FPS
When used with Olympus cameras, users can enjoy additional features like RAW file development and export, as well as special effects like Beautifier, Sepia, Pop-Art and Panorama.
Additionally, a new compact RAW file format is introduced with the P-series: IIQ RAW, Intelligent Image Quality RAW.
Advanced digital photographers have discovered cameras with RAW file format ability have great advantages.
The solution includes a plug-in to SCRATCH's SPA plug-in architecture that enables the ViewPLUS 4K RAW file format.
The type of the File System doesn't matter as the program can perform raw file recovery from all of them: FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS/NTFS5 under Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista.
Each digital camera manufacturer created its own proprietary raw format, so there are actually several different types of raw file formats, rather than a single standard one.