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The fuel compounds for testing were prepared by mixing the diesel (D), RME and RBE.
The checklist consisted of an entry for each of the times of day that the RBE was used and for any additional time as used.
RBE selected Long Island City for its new La Quinta location based on current affordability and ease of commute, which makes it a viable alternative to costly Manhattan hotel space.
RBE told ExpoPUL management it would "make big problems" for the company if they refused to sell the building.
These are the most recent of eight NUMMI awards presented to the RBE IX plant.
RBE has also announced development silos with leading Hollywood stars and production companies that include Nicholas Cage's Saturn Productions, Brad Pitt's Plan B Entertainment, Tom Hank's Playtone Productions, George Clooney's Smokehouse Productions, Chris Colombus's 1492 Pictures, Jay Roach and Brett Ratner.
13 /PRNewswire/ -- Thaxton Life Partners and its subsidiary Thaxton RBE, a Lancaster, SC based automobile insurance operation specializing in hard to place insurance customers, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection today.
International Electronic Discovery and Data Restoration Company Announces Sale of its Tape Certification Division to Dallas-Based RBE Enterprises
We have been successful in working with NUMMI because of our close customer-supplier relationship and the clear understanding of their expectations," said Hector Gutierrez, plant manager, RBE IX.