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uk) And in 2007 she worked with RCAHMS to produce the Spence centenary exhibition Back to the Future: Basil Spence 1907-76 at the National Gallery of Scotland, which toured to RIBA headquarters in London and Coventry's Herbert Art Gallery in 2008.
RCAHMS expects that members of the public and photography enthusiasts might be able to shed more light on the finding.
This fort was identified from air photographs in 1976 by Gordon Maxwell of RCAHMS, information which the writer owes to Dr Brian Moffat, our chief authority on Soutra (Breeze 2000: 77-8).
21) Competitor no91 Report on Coventry Cathedral, RCAHMS, Archivo Sir Basil Spence, MS2329/ENG/9/2/1
hair But RCAHMS have no idea who she was and are also in the dark about the identity of the youth, who took the picture using a mirror wedged between two rocks.
RCAHMS surveyor Ian Parker said the finds could change experts' understanding of the archipelago's history.