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Ouattara's RDR boycotted the polls, rejecting what it called the Gbagbo's "sham reconciliation process," and mounted protests.
If the RDR is remembered at all nowadays, it is as part of the political itinerary of Jean-Paul Sartre, who was its most celebrated, though not necessarily its most influential member.
RDR Sales Director Bob Lawrence tells RBR+TVBR the information includes candidate contact information that's sold on a state basis, so station owners and their sellers would have access to contact information for political candidates for all races, from local to national.
Senior partners at the firm said they were more than ready for RDR.
Nearly 16 million people own a financial product such as a pension or a savings product that will be affected by the RDR, and around half are thought to have used an adviser.
The final strand of the RDR will require advisers to attain a minimum level of qualification on par with the first year of an undergraduate degree.
Matthew Spencer, director and head of intermediaries management, UK & Channel Islands, discounted fears that the RDR would hinder the financial services domain in the UK.
After much detailed work and many consultations, the final shape of the RDR is now becoming clear and it will come into effect from 31st December 2012.
The British author sued Steven Vander Ark's publisher RDR Books last year, claiming that their Harry Potter Lexicon - based on Vander Ark's fan website - infringed on her copyright.
Said Lawrence: "It's exciting be representing the valuable services that RDR offers to broadcasters, and to once again team with RDR President/CEO Mark Levy.