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Each of the two memory controllers on the EV7 supports four 18-bit RDRAM channels and offers each processor 12.
With what now seems to be an uncertain future for RDRAM sales, and rising market prices for SDRAM products, Samsung is looking to shift its production to SDRAM where possible.
For more information on RDRAM memory solutions, visit http://www.
Similarly, floating-point, computationally intensive tasks will gain some performance from both faster clock speeds and from the chip's internal branch prediction mechanisms (as well as from RDRAM, if used).
By 2001, the company expects the RDRAM market to be worth around $13.
SLDRAM transfers data, like RDRAM, on each clock edge.
RDRAM memory devices can be found in over 100 million consumer, computing and communications systems and products shipped since the introduction of RDRAM in 1997 and are currently shipping in applications ranging from game consoles and high definition televisions to Internet routers.
While Intel insists that it is still on track to meet its original public statement that it will ship the first Direct RDRAM platform products in 1999, Intel Fellow Peter MacWilliams told developers yesterday that Intel's internal schedule for platform integration - originally mid-1999 - had now slipped to the third quarter.
Rambus failed in the marketplace because of excessive manufacturing costs and minimal RDRAM demand.