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Viking InterWorks' SoRIMM and NexMod(TM) RDRAM modules continue to provide high-bandwidth/high-density memory architecture options for customers of the Intel(R) IXP2805 network processor," said Steve Price, Director of Marketing for Intel's Infrastructure Processor Division.
Each of the two memory controllers on the EV7 supports four 18-bit RDRAM channels and offers each processor 12.
With what now seems to be an uncertain future for RDRAM sales, and rising market prices for SDRAM products, Samsung is looking to shift its production to SDRAM where possible.
For more information on RDRAM memory solutions, visit http://www.
The Intel Workstation Board OR840 provides a solid foundation for dual Intel(R) Pentium(R) III processor-based workstations, and RDRAM memory technology is key to delivering the performance levels that workstation customers require," said Jim Yasso, general manager of Intel's Reseller Products Division.
Advanced Validation Labs has already conducted the first validation of 256 Mb RDRAM devices to support the market ramp of 256 Mb RDRAM technology in 2000," commented Laura Fleming, Vice President, Alliances and Infrastructure at Rambus Inc.
By 2001, the company expects the RDRAM market to be worth around $13.
Advantest is ready to provide future RDRAM test capacity as the need for system memory bandwidth increases.
SLDRAM transfers data, like RDRAM, on each clock edge.
Rambus Inc has now issued the specifications for Direct RDRAM memory technology suitable for mobile devices, including Rambus memory devices and SO-RIMM small outline memory modules and connectors, so that laptops can take advantage of the two-times memory bandwidth increase over current SDRAMs without using up too much space or taking up too much power.
RDRAM memory devices can be found in over 100 million consumer, computing and communications systems and products shipped since the introduction of RDRAM in 1997 and are currently shipping in applications ranging from game consoles and high definition televisions to Internet routers.
By providing RDRAM Validation Test Services, SMART is acting as an outsource testing company for OEMs.