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Genetic association between androgen receptor gene CAG repeat length polymorphism and male infertility: a meta-analysis.
The OSH Act, however, is woefully vague in that it fails to define "repeatedly." As a result, the repeat classification has been the subject of much interpretation and litigation over the years.
All patients aged 13 years and older who needed at least two repeat laparotomies were included in the study.
narcoleptic fit of which the genesis most likely will repeat. We will
Research in the United States (Cannon & Lipscomb, 2011; Hong & Raudenbush, 2005) and Australia (Anderson, 2008) indicates that boys more often repeat preschool and early schooling than girls.
To allow more general repeats, Ucamco introduced a command called AB that creates a block aperture that can be flashed in any location and orientation.
VIEWERS are likely to feel a sense of deja vu during the festive season after it was revealed that this year's Christmas TV has more repeats then ever before.
Although it is assumed that repeat analysis of critical values is common, published information about the practice is scant.
abortion clients have been found to be more likely to have a (repeat) unintended pregnancy during that time period (6).
The aim of a glaucoma repeat readings pathway is to reduce false positive referrals to the hospital eye service, easing patient anxiety and increasing capacity within the over-burdened hospital glaucoma clinics.
Repeat or duplicative medical imaging is cited by politicians as a quick and painless way to cut health care costs.