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Not only AP1098, RFIC lately presented two more new PAs which are drawing many potential customers' attention for their distinguished features.
This year, RFIC continues the effort at featuring 802.
GoldenGate RFIC simulator is an advanced simulation and analysis solution for integrated mixed-signal RFIC design.
The devices are the highest power two-stage RFICs to be offered commercially.
This type of collaboration helps us align our technology process roadmaps with the strategies of innovative companies like GloNav and we look forward to maintaining our relationship as the company continues to design and manufacture RFICs for the growing GPS market.
GoldenGate is Xpedion's flagship product, which enables RFIC designers to analyze their designs at the transistor level faster and more accurately.
The forward-looking statements contained herein include, but are not limited to, information regarding the completion of Agilent's proposed acquisition of Xpedion's business and assets (the "Closing"), Agilent's Design Verification and DFM business and design flow covering RFIC design, Design Verification and DFM, the combined product portfolio of Agilent and Xpedion following the Closing, the ability of Agilent to meet certain strategic objectives, the expectation that Xpedion scientists will join Agilent, and Agilent's willingness and ability to develop and support Xpedion's products following the Closing.
The integrated product provides analog and RFIC designers with a new level of interactivity and ease-of-use through AWR's unified and open RF design platform, while enabling full access to all the features and capabilities of Helic's industry-leading extraction technology.
Berkeley Design Automation, a provider of innovative silicon analysis tools for analog/RF and mixed-signal applications, today announced that a paper describing powerful new analog/RF circuit analysis technology, authored by co-founders Amit Narayan and Amit Mehrotra and CEO Ravi Subramanian, will be presented at the 2006 IEEE RFIC Symposium in San Francisco, Calif.
This advanced mobile Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit (RFIC) -- the patent-pending AA1001 -- eliminates the need for multiple RFICs, and enables WiMAX-connected devices and systems such as Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), wireless data devices and mobile phones to be deployed worldwide.