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In Rochester one of the things the RHIO has done is develop a really sophisticated system of metrics to enable them to both do their own quality improvement projects and demonstrate the value in the community in a very quantitative way," Berry says.
To help enlist the participation of independent practitioners and patient acceptance, Rochester RHIO launched an aggressive program of presentations to the region's medical groups and practices.
RHIOs and participating provider organizations will need to consider how the sensitive health information is flagged to ensure compliance with statutory requirements regarding re-disclosure.
Since early 2007, Axolotl has been providing Web-based HIE products and services to the Rochester RHIO to help realize their vision of a federated, patient-centric health information exchange.
According to the report "Funding RHIO Startup and Financing for Life: The Survey of Regional Health Information Organization Finance," released in June 2006, 14% of survey respondents indicated that nursing home/long-term care organizations have been involved at the startup phase (compared with 74% of respondents who said so of hospital organizations and 58% who said so of physician groups); 13% said nursing home organizations have been involved in the transition (preparation) phase, and 13% in the production (ready to go live) phase.
RHIOs and HIEs have a greater chance of success if they focus on specific areas of care improvement, such as e-prescribing.
While Quality Health Network appears to be a good example of a RHIO that has been thoughtfully developed, with strong consideration for the concerns of behavioral healthcare professionals, industry experts and practicing mental health professionals certainly have a broad range of concerns with regard to RHIOs' overall development.
Many predict that the next generation of patient-centric Web portal solutions, will not only draw from patient data within an enterprise, such as a RHIO, but also from the ubiquitous Internet itself.
Actually, the vehicle through which HIE is delivered (be it a RHIO or something else) is of far less importance at this point than enabling the exchange itself.