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Advertisements containing direct or indirect references to awards also raise the concern that the RIA is advertising prohibited testimonials, because the awards may reflect the positive experiences of the RIA's clients.
is working on five transactions that are targeted for a 2017 close - which alone would comprise 25% of the typical established RIA activity for a quarter, boding well for a strong Q4.
Founded in 1974, RIA is a not-for-profit trade association driving innovation, growth, and safety in manufacturing and service industries through education, promotion, and advancement of robotics, related automation technologies, and companies delivering integrated solutions.
To inject needed competition into the RIA market, the government could leverage external expertise on cost-benefit analysis.
Gray, accompanied with a large delegation from RIA, visited Kuwait to
We first develop hypotheses that explain which countries are expected to benefit most in terms of inward FDI from regional economic integration by examining the manner in which an RIA member's country-specific characteristics may materially affect firms' FDI decisions following integration.
RIA has launched its money transfer services offering in the Netherlands, Finland, Luxembourg and Cyprus by signing RIA money transfer agents.
The growing involvement of broker-dealers in investment advisory services has, paradoxically, prompted some professionals to question the merits of maintaining an independent RIA.
RIA maintains a metalcasting facility to help in its effort to become known, but like the rest of the manufacturing campus, with little to no investment in the facility until recently, it had struggled to keep pace with others in the industry.
Samples were assayed either in duplicate for RIA (3), or singly for CLIA (4), according to manufacturers' instructions.
Robotics is a cyclical market, says RIA spokesman Jeff Burnstein, so these drops are not causing alarm in the industry.
Don Vincent, RIA executive vp, observed, "Given the economic difficulties faced by the automotive industry, it is possible that new investments in technologies such as robotics were delayed.