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President and COO, Bob Geddes states, "In accelerating the build-out of the industry's most advanced automated rig, Ensign entrenches its position as a leader in directional drilling of deeper and more challenging resource plays.
Comprehensive data of currently deployed offshore rigs, by rig type
Global Rig earlier this week secured a contract for its Rig No.
There were eight active rotary rigs in Alaska as of July 2005, compared to 11 rigs just one year prior.
But the rig managers might have been reacting to a new tone at the oil giant.
The 10 largest commercial real estate organizations are networked into CoStar, according to a RIG spokesman, and it is accessed more than 220,000 times a month by more than 15,000 commercial real estate professionals with $1 billion in transactions every four days, the company says.
In the period of one month, Alaska saw an increase of one rotary rig from October 2003 to November 2003.