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An ideal solution for high performance systems and gaming PCs, the latest Kingston 32-bit RIMM 3200 and RIMM 4200 RIMM modules operate at 40 and 32 nanoseconds respectively and achieve a peak bandwidth of up to 4.
As a world leading technology solution provider, ASUS is pleased to be the first company to deliver motherboards supporting RIMM 4200 modules," comments Joe Hsieh, Motherboard Division Director of ASUSTeK.
Kingston's participation in the Rambus program has enabled major semiconductor and PCB manufacturers to verify RDRAM devices and RIMM and Continuity RIMM modules.
This successful validation of Kingston's newest RIMM modules confirms Kingston's engineering and production capabilities to produce fully-compliant RIMM modules," said Wai Szeto, Vice President, Strategic Business Development, Kingston.
Kingston's ValueRAM(R) line of RIMM module products for system manufacturers are also available.
Our close working relationship with Rambus in engineering, validating, and launching RIMM modules will result in a faster time-to-market for SO-RIMM modules and the products which will use them," added Steven Chen, vice president, Technology & Test Engineering, Kingston.
It is Kingston's direction to have an aggressive goal to bring the cost of RIMM modules down to that of today's DIMM modules," said David Sun, CoFounder and COO, Kingston.
Further information on Kingston's Rambus RIMM module program for developers and its global manufacturing centers can also be obtained on the Kingston website: http://www.
In preparation for the PC industry launch of Rambus-based systems, Kingston has shipped more than 15,000 RIMM modules to OEM customers.
The 256MB RIMM modules provide workstation customers, high-density and high-bandwidth modules.
64MB RIMM Modules KVR600X18-4/64 ECC 4 KVR800X18-4/64 ECC 4 128MB RIMM Modules KVR600X18-8/128 ECC 8 KVR800X18-8/128 ECC 8 256MB RIMM Modules KVR600X18-16/256 ECC 16 KVR800X18-16/256 ECC 16 Continuity RIMM Modules KVR-CRIMM
Nasdaq: SMOD) announced today that it is ready for full-scale Rambus RIMM module testing and production.