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To unravel the mystery of motif D's function, Boehr and his colleagues studied a strain of the poliovirus-an RNA virus that is similar to many other RNA viruses that affect humans.
Cellular signaling and innate immune responses to RNA virus infections.
An improved procedure for rapid determination of viral RNA sequences for avian RNA virus.
Plant Bioscience Limited (Norwich, United Kingdom) has patented DNA constructs comprising a promoter operably linked to DNA which can be transcribed in a plant cell to an RNA transcript, wherein the RNA transcript comprises plant virus sequence from an RNA virus which confers on the RNA transcript the ability to replicate in the cytoplasm of the plant cell, wherein the transcript lacks all or part of the viral genome not required for replication in the cytoplasm, and further comprises at least one targeting sequence which is foreign to the plant virus sequence and causes post-transcriptional gene silencing of one or more target genes.