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As many as 33423 RPF personnel are deployed at Railway Stations daily.
As the news of the attack spread, hawkers and locals gathered at the RPF office at the station, and started throwing stones.
In light of this, the RPF decided to withhold interim payments to the applicants, who filed a private civil lawsuit in response.
Dietary treatments were i) the control (basal diet; no addition of RPAAs and RPF), and the treatment group fed basal diet with 50 g of RPAAs and 50 g of RPF twice a day (total 100 g of each RPAAs and RPF/d).
The injured RPF personnel have been admitted in Gomea hospital.
Twelve days later, he branded the RPF as foreign invaders and predicted that if the RPF tried to gain power, this would 'in all likelihood, lead to the physical elimination of the 500,000 to 700,000 Tutsis inside Rwanda by the 7,000,000 Hutu'.
RPF overcomes any issues with atypical colony forms and also means that further confirmatory tests are not necessary.
Moreover, recognition of RPF as a sequel of radiotherapy for prostate carcinoma after such a long interval (six years in our case) is the first one of its kind.
Members of the Black Widow faction of the Dima Halim Daogah insurgent group in Assam's North Cachar Hills district ambushed four vehicles in which about 14 RPF personnel were traveling near Mandarbisa railway station, Press Trust of India reported, quoting Additional Superintendent of Police Nitai Chandra Ghosh.
On 7 April, while the massacres of Tutsis and moderate Hutus were beginning, the RPF took advantage of the chaos to resume the civil war which had been ostensibly halted by the Arusha Peace Agreement signed in August 1993.