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High-purity niobium ingots with an RRR exceeding 250 manufactured at ULVAC's in-house facilities
This study was also one of the first to be able to accurately calculate RRR, by including twice as many cases of ASD and more detailed family data, including monozygotic and dizygotic twins and cousins, than previous studies.
Aloosh Al-Shammary, a dynamic Saudi RRR member who aspires to be a professional runner, joined the club in 2010.
Consequently, more RRR cuts are expected over the coming months so that the People's Bank of China can hit credit growth targets.
The key topics covered in this section are; Approaches for Teaching, Explicit Teaching, Using the RRR Data to Plan Teaching and Learning and Reading Behaviours Strategy Instruction.
The accepted definition of RRR for pure niobium is the ratio of the electrical resistivities or resistances measured at 273 K (the ice point) and 4.
6 pecent in September - this cannot explain why the PBC raised the RRR three times earlier this year, when inflation was lower.
The UK currently uses FAUN's RRR system to bring airfields damaged by conflict back into use.
The authors point out that RRR tends to distort the benefits to the patient and that ARR is needed to make decisions.
The company said in January its RRR figure would be disappointing.
That's because RRR tends to overstate risk reduction when there is a low baseline frequency of a condition, such as hip fracture in osteoporosis, said Dr.